Our Services

Sales of Veterinary drugs and medicaments
Galaxy Agrobiz is into the sales and procurements of livestock veterinary drugs to maintain a healthy poultry stock. We supply poultry farms on both a medium and large scale.
Sales of Poultry and Livestock equipment
We supply quality poultry and livestock equipment. All equipment we offer are of the highest quality to ensure durability and ease of use for the business.
Sales of quality day old chicks
We have the best deals on day old chicks which can be supplied to customers once their orders have been made. Our birds are born under hygienic conditions and are healthy for business.
Sales of quality point of Lay Birds
We offer sales of layers at affordable prices for farms and poultry startups.
Sales of quality feeds
We provide the best quality livestock feed for poultry in medium and large quantitites. Our feed are of the highest grade and approved by the standard Organization of Nigeria
Sales of feed ingredients and additives
For farms who choose to prepare livestock meal themselves, we provide quality feed ingredients of uncompromised nutritional value.
Training and consultancy services
Galaxy Agrobiz offers poultry management trainings for your new staff. We also offer top-notch consultancy services with our wealth of understanding of the Nigerian livestock farming sector
Representative of manufacturing companies
With our experience, we serve professionally as corporate reps for livestock feed and equipment manufacturing organizations.